Manual for kisdnmonitor
Troubleshooting FAQ
Please, first check if you meet all requirements, then carefully read the installation.

If you think that you've done everything the following FAQ might help you in compiling, installing and running kisdnmonitor.

I have compiled kisdnmonitor and everything went ok, but when I click on the applet no menu bar will appear

This usually happens if you've compiled kisdnmonitor with buggy compilers, such as GCC3.0, please use 3.2 or greater to compile kisdnmonitor

I get weird error messages when compiling.

Make sure that you're using GCC3.2 or higher.

When I start kisdnmonitor, it complains that it isn't able to log onto isdnserver

First make sure that isdnserver is running and that it hasn't displayed any error messages while starting up. Then check if you're running it in "local" or "netmode".

Problems with "local" mode:

The communications between isdnserver and kisdnmonitor are done through a local socket, that means that there's a file on your hard disk. Check if you have permissions to access these files. They are located in the directory /tmp/.isdnserver/ (the "." before isdnserver indicates that this file is hidden).

Problems with "netmode":

In "netmode" the communications are achieved through a network port, this implies that you must have the rights to access that port. Software such as firewalls can block access to ports. Also check if the port number you entered in kisdnmonitor's configuration matches the one of isdnserver's.

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